Did you know that there are dozens of "psychology Golf" sites?
Training aids, hypnosis, motivational tapes,... you can spend
a lot of time and a fortune to improve your game.

Here is a quote from one of those sites:
"It does not matter whether you have been playing golf for years or a recent starter, whether you are a high handicapper or playing off single figures, dramatically reducing your handicap can be easy when you 'get your head right'.

The reason golf psychology can have a dramatic impact of your handicap is simply …… 90% of golf is mental. To quote the great Arnold Palmer, “The toughest 6 inches in the game of golf is between a player’s ears”. When we realize this we can see that the fastest way to lower your score is to master your mental game."

We invite you to read the short selections from this page...
you may find all the "psychology Golf" you need there.

Have a look and ponder the possibilities ...